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  Termite Monitors

The Sentricon ® Termite Colony Elimination System , through its proven process of monitoring, baiting and eliminating termite colonies, begins to protect a home as soon as it is installed.

Here Are the Steps to Termite Colony Elimination with Sentricon
1. First, the home will be inspected for signs of termites. Then, Sentricon stations containing monitoring devices will be placed in the soil around the home. placing Sentricon station
2. The stations will be checked regularly for termite activity. Termites in the soil, foraging continuously for food, find and begin feeding on the monitoring devices in the Sentricon station. checking station
3. When termites are found in a station, the Authorized Operator replaces the monitoring device with a BaitubeT device containing RecruitT termite bait. Baitube device
4. Termites will feed on Recruit termite bait, and send signals to nestmates to feed on the bait. Trophallaxis - the exchange of messages and nutrients between colony members - allows termites to spread the active ingredient in Recruit throughout the colony. As nestmates feed on the bait and share it between members, the colony starts to shrink and is soon eliminated. Recruit termite bait
5. After a colony has been eliminated, the bait will be replaced with new monitoring devices. The Authorized Operator will continue to inspect these regularly to intercept any future colonies that might invade the property. replacing the bait

The Sentricon System is unique in its ability to serve as both a preventative and a curative method. Many homeowners with no known termite problem have the Sentricon System installed to provide security even before termites are found.

Above: Sentricon in the ground Above: Sentricon bait being inspected
Above: New Bait Stick Above: After Termites have eaten a Bait Stick
Above: Clear Lid - No Key Needed Above: Above Ground Sentricon

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Protecting by Detecting

TERMATROL PRO is a professional termite monitoring system designed to detect ground termites foraging in the soil near your home.

TERMATROL PRO can help save your home from termite attack and save you thousands of dollars in repair and treatment costs.


When properly installed and maintained TERMATROL PRO can detect termites BEFORE they infest your home, giving you a "window into the termite colony". This window of opportunity lets you invade the termite's home before they invade yours. If termites are already attacking your home, TermatrolPro will greatly assist the professional pest manager with their termite control program.


TERMATROL PRO is the first step in a successful Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. Here's how the TERMATROL PRO works with other control measures:

All baiting programs require detection before control begins. Termatrol provides this detection without expensive contracts or restrictions.

Detecting termites before they infest can reduce the cost of liquid termiticide applications and prevent the need for costly damage repairs.

Many construction techniques permit undetectable termite access. Termatrol allows continual monitoring for termites foraging near these susceptible areas.

After termites are controlled, Termatrol continues to detect, giving you years f lasting protection.

Inspect and Diagram

Your home will be thoroughly inspected for active termite infestations, termite damage and any conditions that may prove conducive to future activity.


Your termatrol stations will be inspect on a regular basis by removing and inspection of wood monitors.

Install Stations

All stations will be properly and completely inserted into the soil. Due to the constant and random foraging tendencies of termites, Termatrol stations may be placed in a variety of areas, including the following:
Near the home
Near the stumps
Near wood piles
Near moisture sources
Near conducive areas

The "heart" of your monitoring system.
Two-in-one design !

Control cockroaches, ants and other crawling insects while monitoring for termites.



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