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  Termite and White Ant Inspections


With the advent of environmentally friendly pesticides, we have noticed a major increase of termite activity and infestation.

There is no such thing as termite-proof. If the termites can't eat it, they will destroy or damage it.

Termite attack can be minimised by ensuring that new buildings are properly treated during construction. After construction you must be forever vigilant. Weep holes must be clear, gardens kept away from the house, landscaping checked, etc, etc...

Our insurance accredited and university qualified Timber Pest Inspector will thoroughly check your home, trees, gardens etc, ... for termites, borers, wood decay and environmental factors that impact on your home. On completion you will receive a consultation and written report, and we appreciate direct input from yourself if any termite prevention work is to be done.

More and more home owners are using our service as an annual check-up of their home and property to discover any potential problems.

The annual check-up is a good pesticide-free method of controlling structural timber pests.

Remember your house is your most valuable asset, and the reasonable charge for our services could save you thousands of dollars later.


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